FDI attraction in Dong Nai 09 months 2018

Total registered capital and projects increased capital as of 12/9/2018 is 1,295.8 million USD, reaching 135% over the same period in 2017 (955.5 million USD), reaching 129% of the plan year. Of which 81 new projects with total capital of USD 603 million; 77 projects adjusted capital with a total capital increase of 692.7 million.

Investment: The projects attracted in Dong Nai province are in line with the policy of attracting investment in the province, selectively select high technology projects, skilled labor, support projects, environmentally-friendly projects ... Adjusted investment projects have diversified contents such as adjusting investors, adding operational objectives, expanding the scale of projects , relocation of project implementation, adjustment of the progress of project implementation, increase of investment capital and capital contribution.

About the country: Foreign investors invest in Dong Nai mainly in Asian countries, most of them are projects of Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. countries, territories have many projects with large capital investment such as British Virgin Islands, Germany, ...

Up to September 12, 2018, the province has 1,833 projects with total investment capital of 33.1 billion USD, of which the number of valid projects is 1,354 with total capital of 28.05 billion USD. 479 projects totaled $ 5.11 billion. Foreign direct investment projects from 45 countries and territories, the top three countries are Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

(Source: Dong Nai Department of Planning and Investment)

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