Attracting more than US $ 456 million in foreign investment

According to the Department of Planning and Investment, attracting foreign investment in industrial zones (IPs) of the province in the past month has reached over $100 million, bringing the total foreign investment from the beginning of 2018 up to now about 456.4 million. Of these, 28 new investment projects with a total registered capital of $ 151.1 million and 28 projects raised $ 305 million.

Foreign investment projects in the province in the first four months of the year mainly came from the manufacturing of supporting industries for the domestic and export markets.

There are 3 new investment projects with big capital of Long Duc Industrial Park in Long Duc Industrial Zone (Long Thanh District) with registered capital of 25 million USD; Project FTT Vina (Hongkong) Company Limited in Long Khanh Industrial Zone (Long Khanh Town) with registered capital of nearly USD 20 million; Project August Sport Co., Ltd. in Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone (Bien Hoa City) has registered capital of 15 million USD.

In addition, there are two projects to increase capital, including the Bosch Gasoline Systems Plant in the Netherlands, the Long Thanh IP (Long Thanh District) with the registered capital of over $ 71 million and the Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company OPV (Singapore) Bien Hoa II Industrial Zone (Bien Hoa City) has registered capital increased nearly 48 million USD.


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FDI attraction in Dong Nai 09 months 2018

FDI attraction in Dong Nai 09 months 2018

Total registered capital and projects increased capital as of 12/9/2018 is 1,295.8 million USD, reaching 135% over the same period in 2017 (955.5 million USD), reaching 129% of the plan year.