Fire prevention workshop in Giang Dien industrial park on 25/10/2018

On the morning of October 25, 2018, Sonadezi Giang Dien in collaboration with Trang Bom district fire protection police held rehearsal fire prevention project in Giang Dien industrial park.

The situation is that a burning fire in the factory of Kumgang Company in Giang Dien Industrial Park while there are still dozens of workers working inside. Fire alarms and evacuation by fire fighters on the spot of the IP quickly deployed, and at the same time inform the professional firefighting force. After a few minutes, professional firefighters in Trang Bom district are quickly present at the scene with specialized fire engines to quickly delineate areas, fight fire, limit fire spread. After about 30 minutes, the fire is completely controlled, no damage to people, material damage is negligible.

This is the annual activity of Sonadezi Giang Dien in order to enhance the professionalism and quick response of the fire prevention and fighting forces, concurrently,  to remind the sense of fire prevention in production activities of enterprises in Giang Dien industrial park.

* Pictures of the rehearsal:

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