Fire drill at Sonadezi Building on 24th, September 2020

On September 24, 2020, the Provincial Fire Prevention and Rescue Steering Committee rehearsed the fire fighting and rescue plan at Sonadezi Building which belongs to Sonadezi Giang Dien JSC.

The rehearsal situation was set up at the Sonadezi Building at around 10:30 a.m on September 24, due to an electrical shock that caught flammable materials in a working room on the 3A floor. When the incident happened, about 800 people were working in the Building and everyone was trying to escape, creating chaos. Detecting a fire, the security guards and the local firefighting force both support people to move and use the means to put out the fire and report it to the provincial fire police. This year, for the first time, the specialized fire protection vehicle of Sonadezi Giang Dien  was mobilized to participate in the drill.

The provincial firefighting police then dispatched fire trucks, ladder trucks and dozens of officers and soldiers to the fire fighting scene to save lives. After 30 minutes, the fire was extinguished and the stranded people were brought down to safety. The rehearsal is over.

Some pictures of the fire drill:

The leaders of the Provincial Fire Protection Department monitored and directed the rehearsal

The fire started at 3A floor and spread rapidly, the smoke covered an area of the Building

The grassroots firefighting force cooperates with the Fire Police to guide people to move and save assets and objects from the fire area.

The provincial firefighting force and modern means of fire fighting were quickly present at the scene to extinguish the fire and save the trapped people to a safe place.

Firefighting force at Sonadezi Giang Dien facility is operating the company's specialized fire truck to participate in extinguishing the fire

After about 30 minutes of effort, the fire was contained and extinguished. There was no loss of life and the physical damage was negligible. The rehearsal was successful.

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