Industrial land

1. Infrastructure:

- Electricity supply: supplied from the national gridline by the Song May sub-station through 110kV transmission line and 110/22kV transformer station.

- Water supply: capacity 15,000 m3/day (phase 1: 5.000 m3/day). 

- Waste water treatment:

Wastewater treatment plant with maximum capacity of 12,000m3/day (Phase 1: 3,000 m3/day)

Wastewater to be treated: both domestic and industrial wastewater

Treatment fee (to meet the allowable limits of standards): VND 7,270/m3 (~ USD 0.32/m3) (not inclusive of VAT). This fee is the subject to be increased based on level of pollutants in wastewater.

Chargeable volume is counted at 80% of supplied water volume.

Standard of discharged water released from the IZ: QCVN 24:2009/BTNMT

The central wastewater treatment plan with the capacity of 3,000 m3/day (phase 1)

Ground loading: 2.5 kg/ cm2, hard soil, and good geology.

Telecommunication: support for installing IDD switchboard, facsimile, ADSL Internet, and VoIP…

Internal roads, drainage system, green area, lighting system, and fire fighting system: are fully installed to the Land Plot.

2. Restricted Industries and Encouraged Industries:

Restricted industries:
  • Manufacture of pulp, paper from raw materials.
  • Processing tapioca starch.
  • Processing pure latex.
  • Production of basic chemical.
  • Tanneries, and leather, pre-processing and dyeing of fur (except input material is leather treated by mechanical and physical chemistry method).

Encouraged industries:

See "The list of Encouraged industries in Giang Dien IP"

3. Tax rates and preferential conditions:

* Corporate Income Tax (CIT):

- Tax rate: 17% in 10 years from the first year the investment project has turnover applied to enterprises operating in industrial zones established by the government.

(See the Decree No. 218/2013/NĐ-CP and Decree No. 118/2015/NĐ-CP)
Preferential enterprise income tax for enterprises operating in industrial parks: Tax exemption 100% in the first 2 years and reduce 50% in the next 4 years.

- Tax rate: 10% applied for a period 15 years applies to establishment of new enterprises from investment projects in the fields of:
  • Manufacturing software products;
  • High technology prescribed by law; scientific research and technological development;
  • Production Industry Support development priorities.
  • Preferential enterprise income tax for enterprises operating in industrial parks: Tax exemption 100% in the first 4 years and reduce 50% in the next 9 years.
The tax exemption or reduction duration specified in this Article: shall be counted consecutively from the first year an enterprise has taxable income from a new investment project eligible for tax incentives. If an enterprise has no taxable income for the first 3 years, counting from the first year it has turnover from a new investment project, the tax exemption or reduction duration shall be counted from the 4th year. 

* Import machines and equipments:

- Exemption from import and export goods are: machinery, equipment and vehicles used to create fixed assets, raw materials, materials to produce goods and export of construction materials which can not be produced. - Exported tax exemption for goods as manufactured products for export.

* Tax for the oversea remittance: 
- Free of tax rate for the overseas remittance.

* Value added tax (VAT) exemption on:
- Value added tax which is applied to goods and services consumed in Vietnam and being obtained through production, trade and distribution services to the applicable tax rate is 0%, 5% and 10%.
- Tax rate of 0% shall apply to the export of goods and certain services, including goods and services for industrial parks.

4. Labor resources:

Labor coming from neighboring region will meet the demand of investors in Giang Dien IP.

(See The Map of Residential Areas Around Giang Dien IP)

Average salary: 

  • Worker: USD 165 person/month.
  • Engineer / technician / office staff: USD 310 /person/month.
  • Chief division / chief accountant / manager: USD 440 /person/month.

5. The reasons why investors choose Giang Dien IP:

- The ideal location, located in the largest industrial area of Dong Nai Province, near to the three most populated areas of Dong Nai Province (Trang Bom, Bien Hoa, Long Thanh).

- Convenient access to major roads: National Road No.1, No.51, Vo Nguyen Giap Road (Bien Hoa City Bypass), Ho Chi Minh-Long Thanh-Dau Giay Highway...

- Near Long Thanh International Airport, Cluster of Seaports belong to Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

- Completed and synchronized infrastructure to the Land Plot.

- 54m average high from the sea level, hard soil, and good geology.

- Ready built workshops with flexible area meet investors’ different requests.

- Comperative price , more supports and incentives.

- Plans for developing Giang Dien Service Area and the connecting ways to Giang Dien IP in near future.


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